Volume 1, Issue 3, August 2011

Low Pass Filter using Coplanar Waveguide at 2.4 GHz [Download Paper]

Manoj Kumar, Sanjeev Maheshwari and R.Gowri

Abstract— The  paper  describes  the  design  and  development  of  compact  low  pass  filter  using  coplanar
waveguide  (CPW).  The  proposed  filter  design  is  verified  through  experimental  demonstration.  The  simulated
result  of  low  pass  filter  using  coplanar  waveguide  shows  (CPW)  the  good  response  at  2.4  GHz  .The
corresponding  lumped  equivalent  and  transmission-line  equivalent  circuits  are  provided  for  circuit  design
purpose. Compared with the classical Low Pass Filters, the proposed filter is of a relatively simple in size and
compact configuration. The filter has attractive features of wide bandwidth and high rejection ratio.


Exploring Testing Life Cycle of a Software
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Mohd. Ehmer Khan

Many software applications are developed and introduced in the market but not all the software developed meet the set quality standards.  For  this  reason  software  testing  is  developed  which  is  the  process  of  questioning  a  product  in  order  to  evaluate  it.  Software testing is used to identify the correctness, completeness, security and quality of software product against a specification. Each software has its testing life cycle to ensure success. Software testing life cycle is set of a procedure that recognizes the best time to bring out the test
procedure  and  also  the  best  time  to  finish  it  off.  In  this  paper  I  have  described  about  software  testing  life  cycle  and  its  different  generic phases through which each software product goes before its release.


Fusion of VLSI & Signal processing Technologies for the Enhancement in Wireless Communications
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N.V.S.V.Vijay kumar, Y.V.Appa Rao, M.V.S.Ram Prasad, M.Ramesh and K.Pradeep Vinaik

Wireless  communication  system  is  a  heavy dense  composition  of  signal  processing  techniques  with semiconductor  technologies.  With  the  ever  increasing system  capacity  and  data  rate,  VLSI  design  and
implementation  method  for  wireless  communications becomes  more  challenging,  which  urges  researchers  in
signal  processing  to  provide  new  architectures  and efficient  algorithms  to  meet  low  power  and  high
performance  requirements. This  paper  presents  a  survey of  recent  research,  a  development  in  VLSI  architecture and  signal  processing  algorithms  with  emphasis  on wireless  communication  systems.  It  is  shown  that  while contemporary signal processing can be directly applied to the  communication  hardware  design  including  ASIC, SoC,  and  FPGA,  much  work  remains  to  realize  its  full potential.  It  is  concluded  that  an  integrated  combination of  VLSI  and  signal  processing  technologies  will  provide more complete solutions.