Volume 1, Issue 7, December 2011

A Web User Analyzer by Hierarchical and Optimized K-Means Algorithm [Download Paper]

Mrs. G. P. Dharane-Mohole, Mrs. S. A. Kinariwala, Mrs. A. S. Vaidya, Ms. P. V. Pandit, Mrs. S. A. Aher

Abstract— For the analysis of business, a lot of research attention in the field of computational statistics and data mining has been made. Due to recent technological advances in the field of data clustering, the researchers face ever-increasing challenges in extracting relevant information from enormous volumes of available data.In paper focus on large data sets obtained from online web visiting and categorizing this into clusters according some similarity it is a helpful tool for the top level management to take optimized and beneficial decisions of business expansion. Clustering is the assignment of a set of observations into subsets. Cluster analysis is widely used in market research when working with multivariate data from surveys. Market researcher partition the general population of consumers into market segments and understand the relationships between customers. To achieve robustness and efficiency in data clustering combine Partitional and hierarchical (Optimized K-means algorithms) satisfiable clustering results.


A Computer Vision Based Collaborative Augmented Reality Method for Human-Computer Interaction [Download Paper]

Akhil Khare, Vinaya Kulkarni and Dr. Akhilesh Upadhayay

Abstract— Computer vision is becoming very popular nowadays since it can hold a lot of information at a very low cost. With this increasing popularity of computer vision there is a rapid development in the field of virtual reality as it provides an easy and efficient virtual interface between human and computer. At the same time much research is going on to provide more natural interface for human-computer interaction with the power of computer vision .the most powerful and natural interface for human-computer interaction is the hand gesture. Hand replaces the currently used cumbersome and inefficient devices like mouse and keyboard and with the bare hands one can easily communicate with the computer. This paper explores a system where hand gesture can be effectively used as a password in the login process for authentication of a person using just a simple web camera. Also this technique does not need any special device like head-mounted display, gloves or any special camera that operates beyond visible spectrum. So with this idea, with a simple video camera and bare hands, a person can interact with computer.