Volume 2, Issue 10, November 2012

Measurements of Real Time Voice streaming Data over IEEE 802.11b [Download Paper]

Pro CV Srikrishna and GK Srinivasa Gowda

Abstract— In this paper, we have performed lierature survey on Real time voice measurements over IEEE 802.11b wireless networks. The goals of this work are to collect the information and find the real issues with 802.11b wireless networks regarding real-time voice communication . In particular we will investigate the behaviour and performance of the network at the MAC layer in conjunction with the application layer, when a packetloss is reported. Similarly,we will look at how the 802.11b MAC protocol affects the jitter and delay of real-time voice. With this information we intend to obtain a better understanding of wireless networks’ suitability for voice communication. The data gathered as part of these investigations will be made available for further study. The introspect investigation of these issues will be benifi- cial to lead research in voice measurements. 


Architecture of VBSW [Download Paper]

Seetha Mahalaxmi . D, B. Dr. Viswanadha Raju . S and C. Dr. Vinay Babu . A

Abstract:-Software is a comprehensive view of set of Algorithms, Data Structures, User Interface, and trade off of the implementation details. In order to provide security for this software various techniques such as cryptography, steganography, were proposed. Software watermarking is one technique that protects the ownership rights. There are so many software watermarking algorithms that have been developed. In pattern to these a new model was proposed which is known as Version Based Watermark or in short VBSW. This main theme of this model is to create a watermark using LOC of the software and version number of the software. In the remaining part of the paper the architecture of the VBSW and Frame model of the VBSW are discussed.