Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2012

Discovering Keywords from Electronic Word-of-Mouth Communication for New Product Development [Download Paper]

Dolchanok Keawsujarit, Pongpun Anuntavoranich, Sukree Sinthupinyo, Nawin Minakan and Ekkaphum Phumiphan

Abstract- Electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) is a popular method of marketing communication that is highly useful for viral marketing. Moreover, eWOM can be a valuable platform to gain customer information including opinions, experience, likes, dislikes and needs. The main objective of this study is to develop an effective approach to discover keywords from eWOM which are available through social networks for developing new product briefs. The methodology for developing this tool involves the utilization of natural language processing together with information retrieval techniques, particularly for Thai language eWOM. The testing instrument was developed for searching for relevant online information based on customer needs. The information was found by inputting keywords retrieved over the course of one year from the sample website. The study involved 25,322 threads relating to 3 sample input keywords; the outcome was performed as a set of keywords. User acceptance was tested by conducting focus group discussion and in-depth interviews with the target groups. Users reported that they could accept and utilize the instrument in many aspects, such as to broaden their vision and to acknowledge customer behavior. However, using only the extract keywords was not sufficiently clear for the users to know the exact meaning of the keywords. This limitation was solved by allowing the users to view the original context. The main advantage of this tool is to generate ideas for new product development by real time discovery of keywords. This alternative tool can be a very important aspect of the new product development process. It can accelerate the creation of new products which can in turn increase competitiveness in the industry.


Texture Analysis of Images Using Fuzzy Logic [Download Paper]

Prakash Khanale and Ajay Kurhe

Abstract— Content Based Image Retrieval involves retrieval of images based on its contents such as color, texture and objects. A lot of uncertainty is involved in retrieval of images. Fuzzy Logic is widely used tool for dealing with uncertainty. In this paper I have proposed a very simple fuzzy logic based system for retrieval of images based on its texture. The system performs perfectly and retrieves images as per human understanding of texture of images.


Design of a GSM phone booth for low cost rural communication [Download Paper]

F.E Idachaba and F.O Edeko

Abstract -The GSM phone booth was designed as a mobile phone with solar arrays on the roof. These arrays are for charging the phone batteries and powering the booth during the day while the batteries which can be bigger, powers the phone at night or in the absence of sunlight. The cell phone platform was integrated into the booth such that when a SIM card is inserted it can be used as if it were a personal phone. The SIM card holder was designed in such a way that the user carries it along to the phone booth and slots it into the provided slot on the booth before making a call. It was also designed to switch on or off the phone booth such that when the card is removed the booth is switched off while the battery continues to charge. This is another mean by which the battery life is extended. The design provides a low cost approach for extending mobile communication to rural areas and also for campuses and public areas.