Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2013

Design of SMS-Enabled Car Security System [Download Paper]

Kamoli A. Amusa, Olubusola O. Nuga and Adewale A. Adetomi

Abstract— This paper presents a car security system that based on short message service message for its activation and de- activation. The whole setup is easy to realize and the cost is within the reach of common man. The proposed car security system can be installed in any automobile of interest. Sony Ericsson GSM modem (GM47) and microcontroller ATtiny 2113 plays vital role in realization of the design. When deployed the problem of car theft can be greatly minimized. The connectivity was provided using GSM based wireless communication, to provide a global, practical and cost-effective solution for wide-area monitoring. The device during testing was able to execute command issued via text messages from mobile phone. 


Position Location Using Aplicom-12 Module [Download Paper]

Olubusola O. Nuga, Kamoli A. Amusa and Adewale A. Adetomi

Abstract—The position location using Aplicom-12 Module can be employed in diverse areas of application where regular and periodic up to date information about the location of objects/items of interest is currently situated. The problem of theft and insecurity can be greatly mini- mized. The connectivity provided using GSM based wireless communication is used to provide a global, practical and worthwhile solution for wide-area monitoring. A tracking device was designed and constructed using Aplicom-12 GSM Module and a GPS Simulator. The device during testing was able to readout the location when a message was sent to module and a message was sent back to mobile phone which indicates the location of the object being tracked. The whole setup is easy to realize and the rate is within the reach of common man. 


Integration of VANET-WiMAX Network [Download Paper]

R.Gunasundari, T.Karthik, and V.Rajasekaran

Abstract—Along with the ongoing advances in dedicated short-range communication and wireless technologies, inter vehicular communication and road–vehicle communication have become possible, giving birth to a new network-type called Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET). The key role that VANETs can play in the realization of Intelligent Transport Systems has attracted the attention of major car manufacturers. In wireless networking domain, diverse wireless technologies are utilized for sharing data and providing data services. Among the available technologies,Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), are pre-dominantly used for wide- area wireless data and voice services. On the other hand, VANETs are used for short range, high-speed communication among nearby vehicles, and between vehicles and roadside infrastructure units. Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication supports services such as car collision avoidance and road safety by exchanging warning messages across vehicles.Coupling the high data rates of IEEE 802.11p-based VANET and the wide coverage area of Wimax networks, envisions a VANET-WiMAX integrated network which is a better integration withQoS features. Simulations will be carried out using NCTUns to evaluate the performance metrics such as throughput and packet drop rates of the integrated network.