Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2013

Modelling and Simulation of a Dynamic Model for Road Networks using Mobile Agents [Download Paper]

Dr.T.Karthikeyan and S.Sujatha

Abstract—These Traffic Control on roads is a major problem in modern cities. Large amount of time and resources are exhausted during traveling because of traffic congestion. Identifying emergency vehicles and providing best path is also crucial for the success of any traffic management system. This paper proposed QoS Mobile Agent and implemented an integrated Linear Traffic Control Dynamic Model (LTCDM) by integrating the mobile agents like VAISTC4 agent, MATLB agent, PCM agent, FMSA agent and IMAC agent in order to control traffic congestion, giving prioritization of emergency vehicles ,optimizing traffic issue considering velocity of vehicles and providing best path for the vehicles on road network. This linear dynamic model LTCDM also provides the better Quality of Service through the QoS Agents for road networks by improving safety applications, finding best route and driver comfort. An LTCDM is a multivariate model which uses a graph in which the vehicles are represented as nodes considering time series of flows at the various data collection site and uses finite capacity queuing theory. This dynamic & integrated model makes real time decision making based on the host architecture and road network loads and enhancing QoS by increasing throughput and scalability on road networks with the reduction of time delay and end-to-end delay..The open source macrosimulation tool AURORA ROAD NETWORK MODELER and the open-source microscopic space-continuous time-discrete vehicular traffic generator package SUMO is used for simulation to prove the significant performance of LTCDM based on the intelligent traffic & transportation scenario. 


Analysis of Secure Multipath Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks [Download Paper]

Mohammad Masdari and Maryam Tanabi

Abstract—Wireless mesh networks as an effective technology have been applied in different industrial areas such as building automation, transportation systems and security cameras. Like other computer networks security of this kind of network is very important and it should be taken into consideration. To achieve this aim, many security solutions have been presented to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authentication of network traffic. In this paper, we present a new classification for secure multipath routing protocols in wireless mesh networks based on their security capabilities and summarize the current research directions in secure multipath routing protocols.